Which Red Barn Hemp Product is Best for You?

Every day, our team at Red Barn Hemp has the wonderful opportunity to introduce people to the world of CBD. Over time, we love to hear all the ways so many are using Red Barn Hemp products to better their quality of life.

When you first start taking our hemp products, it may take time to experience your desired results. Rest assured – this doesn’t mean it isn’t working. This could indicate a change in delivery or product type may set you in the right direction.

See below for few handy tips to help you optimize our products for your body and your experience:

  • Take note of your setting. The more tranquil the environment, the more likely you will be able to observe the effects of Red Barn Hemp within your body.
  • Be sure to use the product consistently, on a daily basis.
  • If you’re new to CBD products, we suggest taking the products at night. Red Barn Hemp users have observed a sense of calm when taking our products and can be helpful around bedtime.
  • Patience is key – it can take some bodies anywhere from 4-6 weeks to experience the effects of capsules and oils. Many find it helpful to journal their experience to pinpoint the appropriate dosage, intake time, and desired effect.
  • Switch it up – if CBD capsules just aren’t working for you, try out our peppermint or unflavored CBD oil, or vice versa!

The bottom line is, every body is different. Test out a variety of products and the tips above to fit your needs! As always, feel free to speak with your healthcare provider to further determine what’s right for you. If interested in learning more, click here to read more about the science behind Red Barn Hemp.

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