Help Fight Cancer With Team Red Barn Hemp

This month, Red Barn Hemp is supporting the fight against cancer with Relay For Life of South Clackamas County, and will match donations made by our customers during the month of June, in-store and online (Click here to donate now!) Cancer has touched all of us in some way, including our family:

At the age of 90, our Grandpa was given a fatal diagnosis of cancer and sent home with

a bag of medications. Our hopes to spend quality time with him during his last days were dampened by the knowledge that while his medication would help with pain management, it would also keep him bed-ridden. Our family searched for an option that would allow our Grandpa to not only live the rest of his days free from pain but also to spend his last days doing what he loved: being an active member of our family farm.

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Much to our surprise, CBD was our ideal solution! It gave us 42 great days with Grandpa Ross before he passed and gave him the chance to enjoy the last of his days completely cognizant. He was able to enjoy quality time with his children, grandchildren, and the hundreds of people who loved to visit our home. Our last month with him was a gift from the incredible properties of hemp — a gift we want to share with any family or individual who may find themselves in a situation where they are trying to find a new option.

While we hope our products can support those fighting cancer, we also support the incredible cancer research performed by the American Cancer Society and families facing these challenges through Relay For Life. Cheer on team Red Barn Hemp by donating online or in-store, and at the end of the month, we will match donations made by our customers. If you are in the area, join us on June 29th to participate in Relay For Life of South Clackamas County!

Every victory over cancer is a win for us all!


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