What’s our “Flavor of the Land” Oil?

Our “Flavor of the Land” oil is on sale, but you’re probably wondering, “why so earthy?”. Well, we used a more raw form of our extract for this particular batch, skipping the last processing step. What that means is a more trace cannabinoid and terpene rich oil for the consumer, which can enhance overall efficacy and symptom relief, but brings with it a more complex, true-to-plant flavor. If you’re new to the more flavorful oil, we have a few tips to help make it more palatable for those who would like to try a richer extract and save a few bucks at the same time!

Drop it in your coffee. The robust flavor of coffee both pairs well with, and masks elements of the natural earthy hemp flavor.

Add some of your favorite essential oil. Not only will it change the flavor profile, but you will be adding the health benefits of whichever oil that you choose. This is just a matter of preference, but some of our favorite flavors are cinnamon, ginger, peppermint, clove and turmeric.

Chase it. Have your favorite beverage, breath mint, or even piece of chocolate at the ready for after you swallow. It’s a trick we all know from childhood, the proverbial “spoon full of sugar” and still works remarkably well.

If you have a favorite way of helping “the medicine go down” that wasn’t mentioned here let us know! We love hearing our customer’s stories and sharing them with others. You never know how even the smallest detail might help someone feel better!

Try out the Flavor of the Land Oil now – 25% off!

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