2019 Hemp Harvest!

Hemp harvest in the state of Oregon was one of the most difficult seasons we have seen so far. With over 60,000 acres of registered hemp, farmers experienced many hardships, the most difficult being the cold weather that ruined some farmers entire crop. Although weather can be unpredictable in Oregon, we were fortunate enough to be prepared for the rough weather.

This season, our family farm grew 200 acres of hemp on our farm. Additionally, we contracted out 600 acres to local farmers that we will soon run through our CO2 extractors to make finished oil. The oil produced on our farm is made into our Red Barn Hemp products.
In the pictures below, you will see some of the hard-working members of our team that could make this harvest season possible. We are so proud and thankful of all the work they do.

In the photo above, Brian Iverson uses our new hemp harvester for our 200 acres of hemp.

Paul Iverson, an owner of Iverson Family Farms is in charge of operating our hemp drying facility. This year we were able to dry and store close to a million pounds of dried hemp material.

Without the hard work of our team, this year wouldn’t be possible!

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