We Live On A Tulip Farm

While most may know us for our hemp products, Red Barn Hemp actually lives on a tulip farm. Red Barn Hemp is under the umbrella family, Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. Sister company, Wooden Shoe Vineyards, is also a recent addition to the family. Located in Woodburn, Oregon, the Iverson Family started planting tulips in 1974. As the tulips grew and the community found out, it became a popular sight to see. The Iverson’s opened their farm on Easter Weekend in 1985, which was the start of the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival.


This year, the Tulip Festival runs form March 20th-May 3rd and we are seeing some early bloom! The tulip fields rotate every year which gave the Iversons the option to plant hemp in the same fields a few years ago. Lucky for us, tulip season and hemp season do not over lap.

The annual event brings in over 100,000 people from across the world. With over 40 acres of blooming tulips, we invite the public to share the beautiful sight with us, take photos, drink our handcrafted wine and spend time with friends and family. We invite photographers to offer workshops, have painting classes, a weekend dedicated to dogs, and hot air balloon rides when the weather permits.


While we love our tulips, we are thrilled to see the growth in the hemp industry in Oregon. We are constantly learning new things, better techniques, and trying new products. Thank you for supporting Red Barn Hemp! We hope to see you at the Tulip Festival.

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  1. We so enjoyed our visit with the Kansas Farm Bureau last fall, I have been a one of your CBD oil customers every since!!

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