Hemp Planting 2020

This was our week to plant hemp on the farm. The weather was beautiful and with fewer acres to plant this year, we will be finished early next week. We buy seed from a certified grower to ensure the THC level will be below .3% at harvest. Otherwise, the crop will need to be destroyed according to Oregon Department of Agriculture standards. These seeds are also all feminized meaning there are no male plants! This is due to the CBD content which is lower with seeded material, as well as the quality of the oil which changes when you extract the oil from the seeds with the plant material oil. We don’t direct seed into the field, but have the seed started by a local farm that specializes in starting plants for local farmers.

Once 4-5 inches tall, we plant these starts in the field. Our tractor using GPS guidance pulls the planter through the field. The seedlings are placed in a tube that drops them at the correct spacing. We water the plants using drip irrigation and the line is set down at the same time that we plant. This allows us to conserve water and apply nutrients right to the hemp.

Hemp is a fast-growing plant and by September, these plants will be 5-6 feet tall! Our family will share the season, the harvest and the process of oil making through our companies. All one yet different focus. Iverson Family Farms is where we began, growing the hemp in a sustainable manner. FSOil is our oil extraction business where we focus on making quality oil. We strive with our certification from Hemp Authority and CGMP certification to make the highest quality oil on the market. From there, Red Barn Hemp takes the oil to you. We have it made at a local manufacturer that specializes in making quality supplements for the industry. Our goal is control of our process from start to finish, so you can trust and enjoy our products.

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