Dog Biscuits – 25 ct

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10 mg of CBD per treat

Give your pet the gift of CBD. Our full-spectrum CBD dog biscuits may support relief for a variety of symptoms. Our treats are delicious and high-quality.

This bag of 25 biscuits contains hemp extract mixed with chicken livers, garbanzo bean flour and eggs. Dogs have a similar endocannabinoid system to humans so they too benefit from CBD. Our CO2 extraction & decarboxylation process insures a quality CBD product for your pet.  Grown on our family farm in Oregon.

Around our house, animals aren’t just pets, they’re family.  Becky has to have one leg amputated due to cancer.  With age and loss of a limb, she has extra pains.  With these biscuits, it has allowed her to restfully through the night and get a break from the pain of getting around on only 3 legs.

We also have Abbey who at 14 is back doing her happy dog dance.

Not only do the dog biscuits give our dogs a new lease on life but is allowing them the comforts that we want for our loved ones.  If you want to give your furry family member a new lease on life, I highly recommend Red Barn Hemp Dog Biscuits!


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Real Chicken Livers, Eggs, Garbanzo bean flour, and Cannabidiol (total CBD)


25 Count

6 reviews for Dog Biscuits – 25 ct

  1. Gary Almer (verified owner)

  2. Cheri

    Thrilled!!! Our 6yo boxer has arthritis and has been slowed down quite a bit by it lately. Her appetite has also been very poor. She’s been taking the oil 2 times a day on her food for 6 weeks now and she’s doing so much better; we noticed a big difference in her after just one week! We thank everyone at Red Barn Hemp for giving our sweet girl a much improved quality of life!

  3. Tammy Robbins (verified owner)

  4. Courteney H. (verified owner)

    We have seen a significant improvement in Bubba’s energy and his overall interest in doing things. He doesn’t seem to be in as much pain and is sleeping through the night better. I would highly recommend these for your fur family. Ordering was easy and they were on the front porch two days later.

  5. Terri Burr (verified owner)

    My dog LOVES these dog bones.

  6. Randy W. (verified owner)

    Very nice products

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